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Living Well Interview Series with Dominique Cuyvers on Women’s Wisdom Teachings

Recorded Live, Hear about Dominique’s unique upbringing and how her travels led her to learn more about authentic Native American women’s traditions and Maori “Medicine Women” and how it changed her vision of the World, Learn about what she’s been teaching in women’s circles for over 40 years, Discover her …

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Learn How Adapotogenic Plants Can Help You with our CSO, Dr. Michele Burklund

  Do you want to know more about the amazing properties of adaptogens? Are you interested in how your body responds to stress and what you can do to balance it naturally? Join our CSO, Dr. Michele Burklund as she describes what adaptogens do, the 3 phases of stress, how …

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Skincare Q & A with Dr. Michele Burklund

Today, your most common skincare questions will be answered by our CSO, Dr. Michele Burklund. Are you wondering if air pollution can affect your skin health? Are you debating if you should wear sunscreen in the winter? Are you interested in skin brushing but don’t know enough about it? Do …

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Clean Beauty 101 with Dr. Michele Burklund

 Did you know that the average American woman is exposed to 126 chemicals each day from cosmetics, food, cleaning supplies, and pollution? What does the definition of beauty mean? Here at Puriya, we define beauty as your true self: that which radiates from the inside out… and this how …

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Interview with Shannon Miller, a 7-time Olympic Medalist, Cancer Survivor, and Women’s Health Advocate

Hear Shannon’s story and how she became the most decorated gymnast in U.S history. Learn more about how she maintained a positive mindset that got her to the gold. Find out how she overcame cancer and what she learned from the experience. Discover how she keeps her life in balance …

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