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January 14, 2024

You Need Sleep.

Maximizing Sleep Quality: Essential Tips for Well-being Recent research underscores the critical link between sleep duration and overall health. A notable study highlighted by a prominent UK publication revealed a

January 12, 2024

Breaking Habits: How To Rein It In With 5 Tips

How many times, year after year, do you compile a lofty, beautiful, mostly achievable list of New Year’s resolutions? And how many times, after a couple months, couple weeks, maybe

January 09, 2024

Itchy, Flakey Scalp? Try This!

Is persistent dandruff wearing you out? If you’re tired of itchy, dry, flakey scalp, maybe it’s time to try tea tree oil. This rejuvenating essential oil has been used for

September 30, 2021


Mindfulness practices which include meditation are centered on bringing the focus back to this moment. Meditation can reduce stress and anxiety, improve emotional states, enhance self-awareness, improve sleep, and decrease

September 30, 2021

Music as Medicine

To date, there’s been over 97 studies related to the effect of music on pain and 70 of those studies were randomized controlled trials. These studies evaluated many aspects related

September 30, 2021

Stop Winter Aches & Pains with Turmeric

Many people complain of increased joint pain and soreness during the colder months (although there’s little scientific explanation for this).  Curcumin is an orange-hued compound found in the spice turmeric,

September 30, 2021

Using Castor Oil for Discomfort

Castor oil comes from castor seeds (Ricinus communis) and is amazing at reducing inflammation and promoting healing. A simple technique that can reduce aches & pains is a castor oil

September 29, 2021

The Relationship Between Sleep and Pain

Have you noticed how much worse you feel after a bad night’s sleep? A little grumpier? Less focused? Achy? It seems as though insomnia is a common occurrence in our

June 10, 2020

5 Essential Tips for Puriya Chest Rub Balm

Here are 5 essential tips for using your brand new Puriya Chest Rub Balm! Tip #1: Perform a Skin Test First, we recommend you to check the label for any