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Living Well Interview Series with Serena Dyer Pisoni on Self-Awareness & Spiritual Wellness

   Recorded Live, Listen to this inspiring and empowering interview with Serena Dyer Pisoni-Author, Featured Wellness Speaker, Mother of 3, and Daughter of the Late Dr. Wayne Dyer.  Hear about Serena’s unique upbringing focused on self-awareness and following her intuition, Learn about her first experience with transcendental meditation at …

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Living Well Interview Series with Dr. Priya Walia on Ayurvedic Medicine

Recorded Live, Learn all about Ayurveda with Dr. Priya Walia a Naturopathic and Ayurvedic physician and Founder of Wellness Rx Defined Clinic in Seattle, WA.  Learn about Dr. Walia’s background and passion for combining the ancient wisdom of the East with scientifically focused principles of the West, Discover more about …

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Living Well Interview Series with Dr. Csilla Veress on Water Fasting

Recorded Live, Learn all about water fasting from Dr. Csilla Veress; a physician at a medically supervised fasting facility, a leading expert in water fasting, naturopathic doctor and oriental medicine practitioner.  Hear about Dr. Veress’s background and how she found the medicine she really loves, Learn about the benefits of …

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Living Well Interview Series with Dr. Elena Zinkov on How To Banish Cravings

Recorded Live, welcome Dr. Elena Zinkov, Author of Crave Reset, Founder of Proactive Health, Competitive Athlete, & Voted Top Doctor by Seattle Met & 425 Magazine. Learn about the psychology and physiology behind cravings, get tips on how you can rewire you mind and feel better, discover how Dr. Elena …

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Living Well Interview Series with Dr. Jade Stefano on Everything You Need To Know About Cannabis

Recorded Live, Watch this Interview with Dr. Jade Stefano, Founder of Puffin Farm, Leader in Sustainable and Clean Growing Practices, Cannabis Expert, Naturopathic Doctor, and & Modern Pioneer.   Read the transcribed version below… 00:00 Dr. Michele Burklund: Hi, everyone. I’m Dr. Michele Burklund, I’m the Chief Science Officer here …

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