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Living Well Interview Series with Joshua Native Kirk on How To Live In Tune With Nature

Recorded Live, Watch this Exciting Interview today with Joshua Native Kirk who is an Off-Grid Living Expert Reality TV Consultant, Adventurer, Minimalist, Scholar of the Woods, and Founder of 4 Winds Survival School. Read the transcribed version below… 0:00:00 Dr. Michele Burklund: Hi, everyone. I’m Dr. Michele Burklund. I’m the …

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Living Well Interview Series with Dr. Michael Murray on Evidence-Based Natural Health

Recorded Live, Learn about Science-Based Natural Medicine with Dr. Michael Murray-Best Selling Author and Leading Authority in Natural Health. Hear about the reasons behind why Dr. Murray decided to become a naturopathic doctor, Learn that natural medicine is science-based and how Dr. Murray has collected over 60,000 studies on natural health, …

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Living Well Interview Series with Summer Kramer on Natural Ways to Protect Your Skin from the Sun

Recorded Live, Puriya’s CSO, Dr. Michele Burklund interview’s Summer Kramer, Skin Cancer Survivor turned Clothing Designer & Founder of UV Sun Protectant Clothing Company SummerSkin. Listen to Summer’s story of how she went from a PharmD to clothing designer after her diagnosis with melanoma, Learn about her passion behind protecting …

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Living Well Interview Series with Dr. Ralf Kleef on Hyperthermia

Recorded Live, listen to Dr. Ralf Keef, Founder of World-Renowned Hyperthermia Institute in Vienna Austria, Fever Therapy Expert, and Distinguished Immunologist & Integrative Oncologist. Hear about Dr. Kleef’s unique background and training around the World, Learn more about fevers and how it’s the body’s most natural response, Hear about the …

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Living Well Interview Series with Dr. Kristi Wrightson Harter on Botanical Medicine, Women’s Health, and Healing Remedies

Recorded Live, listen to this great interview with Dr. Kristi Wrightson-Harter, the founder of Nest Integrative Medicine Spa, Registered Dietician, Women’s Health Authority, Expert in Botanical Medicine, Nutrition, & Skin Health, and a Member of Puriya’s Science Advisory Board. The introduction was cut off due to poor internet connectivity while …

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