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Feature | Examination of Eczema Creams | eczema treatment cream
August 22, 2018

Examination of Eczema Creams

It is essential to examine the effectiveness of eczema creams. This is especially true for those receiving this diagnosis recently and looking for treatment options. Maybe you’ve only seen failure

August 21, 2018

Best Natural Antifungal Remedies For Skin Fungus

Skin fungus occurs anywhere on the skin, and natural antifungal remedies are very helpful if you want to treat it at home. These natural treatments consist of essential oils, acids,

Feature | Dermatitis Cream Over The Counter (OTC) | over the counter dermatitis cream
August 20, 2018

Dermatitis Cream Over The Counter (OTC)

Dermatitis is an all too common skin ailment and it’s extremely unpleasant for those afflicted by it. One of the many ways to treat this annoying disease is with topical

Psoriasis Symptoms to Watch Out for | What Causes Psoriasis? Symptoms and Treatment | What Causes Psoriasis
August 18, 2018

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1. What Causes Psoriasis? Symptoms And Treatment So what causes psoriasis? Psoriasis occurs due to the speeding up of the life cycle of skin cells. It’s an autoimmune condition but

Feature | Best Muscle Pain Relief Cream | best muscle relief cream
August 17, 2018

Best Muscle Pain Relief Cream

Agony. Such is the experience of people experiencing great muscle pain. The best muscle pain relief cream they’ve been able to find has barely scratched the surface of alleviating their misery.

Feature | Exercises For Lower Back Pain Relief | muscles
August 16, 2018

11 Best Exercises For Lower Back Pain Relief

Lower back pains are a common struggle for most adults these days. Hours spent hunched over your desk or your smartphone has wreaked havoc on your lower back. So do yourself

Feature | Best Athlete’s Foot Cream | epidermis
August 15, 2018

Best Athlete’s Foot Cream

What is the best athlete’s foot cream, and what are the ingredients you should look for? If you’re suffering from this painful foot fungus then you’ve probably scoured the grocery

Feature | Essential Oil For Psoriasis: Try These Scents | oil remedies
August 14, 2018

Essential Oil For Psoriasis: Benefits & Relief | Puriya

Psoriasis affects the lives of roughly 125 million people worldwide, but many don’t know that using essential oil for psoriasis can provide much-needed relief and even prevent the symptoms of

August 10, 2018

7 Tips to Make Your Home Eczema-Friendly

  7 Tips to Make Your Home Eczema-Friendly Our surrounding environment contains many variables such as pollutants, irritants, and allergens that could trigger eczema flare-ups. We do not have control over