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April 2019 - Blog Puriya

April 30, 2019

Out With The Old And In With Renewing Self Care

Stepping into the renewal of spring brings a desire to shed winter blues, the seasonal depression that comes with cold, gray skies and comforting habits we acquire through hibernation. For

April 23, 2019

Spring Cleaning for Your Skin

Is Your Skin Ready for Warmer Weather? As the final chilly days of winter wane off and we step into the renewing warmth of spring, we’re thinking about spring cleaning

April 18, 2019

How Science Proves We Need Nature To Be Healthy

Does science really need to prove something that Hippocrates said thousands of years before? In ancient Greece, healing temples were strategically built in a location with pure water, fresh air,

April 17, 2019

Q & A Session on Dandruff with Dr. Michele Burklund, NMD

 Dr. Michele Burklund, Chief Science Officer at Puriya, takes us through her answers for common questions on the topic of dandruff. These questions include… 1. I’ve used other tea

April 16, 2019

How To Enjoy Plants When You Have A Brown Thumb

Spring is in the air, and even in people not usually drawn in that direction might get an itch to grow plants. If filling your home with plants and creating

April 09, 2019

Taxes, Topicals and Tranquility

We often educate about the impact of stress on our mind, body, and spirit and believe in using natural ways to do so. With April 15th embedded firmly in our