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Feature | The Best Chest Rub For Congestion | vicks rub for chest congestion
September 12, 2018

Not being able to breathe easy is a supreme annoyance. You will often hear the phrase “it’s just a cold,” but the common cold can knock you flat on your back – robbing you of comfortable breathing and a good night’s sleep. This is no way to live. It begs the question: how do you get rid of chest congestion? In this article, I’m going to be focusing on using chest rubs for congestion, as opposed to oral or humidifier methods. Using a chest rub for colds and congestion is quick and easy, as well as safer to use long-term than oral medication.

Why the Best Chest Rub For Congestion is All Natural


Looking at Essential Oils for Chest Congestion

Looking at Essential Oils for Chest Congestion | The Best Chest Rub For Congestion | essential oils for chest congestion

Essential oils are nature’s divine elixir. An essential oil chest rub for congestion employs the best brew nature has to offer to open up your airways and clear your sinuses. This is not something you can get using prescription drugs for chest congestion!

Let’s take a look at some of the amazing things these oils offer:

1. Eucalyptus Australiana Oil

A eucalyptus chest rub is a top of the line expectorant. What is an expectorant? Well, at the risk of being too disgusting with a dictionary definition, it’s something that “promotes the secretion of sputum by the air passages”.

Great for Chest Rubs for Colds

Yuck! While the usage of “sputum” is certainly going to make it sound nastier than the inside of a moldy shoe from the bottom of a lake, trust me when I tell you that it is going to make you feel anything but. Eucalyptus will help to open those clogged nasal passages and remove the awful substances keeping you awake at night and struggling for air.

2. Peppermint Oil

An important addition to any chest rub for congestion, peppermint oil is an icy anti-inflammatory. High in menthol, it’s like taking a dip in a pool of cool water on a hot summer’s day.

3. Tea Tree Oil

If you’re looking for the best thing for chest congestion, you want to have this incorporated in your solution. Tea tree oil is a big pathogen buster, so if your congestion is sourced in a disease, this will help to clear it up big time!

4. Lavender Oil

This one is a sleep professional. The smell it produces is extremely soothing. This will help you get a good night’s sleep while recovering from the cause of your chest congestion.

If you’re looking for a chest rub for congestion, you want something with these four dynamite ingredients!


Breathe Easy With Puriya

Breathe Easy With Puriya | The Best Chest Rub For Congestion | best thing for chest congestion

Whether you have chest congestion that comes and goes, prolonged chest congestion after a cold, or real thick chest congestion that never seems to go away, Puriya has created a chest rub for congestion that incorporates all of the best things mother nature has to offer!

Puriya’s Breathe-Ease Balm incorporates all of the aforementioned essential oils and MORE. The result is a product with a strong but soothing smell that really opens up your nasal passageways. It absorbs nicely into the skin, isn’t greasy, and isn’t overbearing and heavy like a Vicks rub for chest congestion.

A little bit goes a long way. You don’t need a mountain of cream to reach your desired solution. Puriya believes in pulling the best of what mother nature has to offer to bring lasting solutions to their customers. If you aren’t happy with your product, your purchase is backed with a 180-day money back guarantee! They truly care that people find what they’re looking for, even if Puriya themselves isn’t it. What do you have to lose? Hint: Nothing. You have nothing to lose.


Watch this video from our youtube channel Puriya Skin Care to find out more about the Breathe-Ease Balm:

Puriya’s Breathe-Ease Balm incorporates all of the ingredients necessary for an essential oil chest rub for congestion. It’s a great alternative to heavy and greasy alternatives like Vicks Vaporub. This product is an all natural chest rub balm that can effectively help with your chest congestion. Try Puriya today, and breathe easily in the arms of mother nature!

What essential oils have you tried as chest rubs for congestion? Share them with us in the comments section below!

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This post was originally published on April 9, 2017, and has been updated for quality and relevancy.