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How To Enjoy Plants When You Have A Brown Thumb - Blog Puriya

April 16, 2019

Spring is in the air, and even in people not usually drawn in that direction might get an itch to grow plants. If filling your home with plants and creating a jungle oasis on your balcony sounds like the ideal way to turn your abode into a dreamy oasis yet your thumbs lack the slightest hint of green, take heart: There are houseplants even you can grow.

If you seem to have been gifted a brown thumb or just have the worst luck at keeping plants alive no matter how many Google searches you make on trying to find out why your plants whither, this article is for you.

Tip #1 – Buy Hard To Kill Plants

If you’ve been trying your hand at caring for houseplants but seem to be collecting a variety of dry, dead planters instead on your balcony, try starting with a plant that’s hard to kill. You know, something beginner friendly. There are a number of easy houseplants that include Aloe, Cast Iron Plant, Chinese Evergreen, Mother in Law’s Tongue and Peace Lily.

Succulents are often mentioned as a popular choice for their ease, too. You only need to water them occasionally, although we’ll say from personal experience they can also be finicky. Which brings us to the next tip.

Tip #2 – Research How to Care For The Plant You Choose

Every houseplant is different. Some need a shadowy, cool corner while others need as much direct sunlight as possible. Before leaving the nursery, take note of the actual plant you’re buying if it doesn’t have a plastic insert with the name and care tucked into the plastic pot. You can give it a unique name later, new plant mom, but knowing its store given name will help you know exactly what to Google once you’re home. Often times, plant varieties have similar instructions for care but knowing what you’re working with will give you the upper hand as an educated gardener.

Tip #3 – Practice These Three Keys to Keep Your New Plant Baby Alive

Every plant needs a specific ratio of watering, light and proper drainage. You want to fall into a Goldilocks zone where everything is just right! We’ve also heard talking to your houseplant increases its lifespan, so get as committed plant mama as you like. Talking to your new greenery is optional but highly encouraged.

So what do you do if after diligent care…the brown thumb persists?

You were feeling inspired by all the spring pins on Pinterest and read every article in existence on cultivating a green thumb, yet the brown thumb has returned and your plant baby seems to have a few short weeks left. It’s time to mourn your loss and make a decision: try again or accept maybe you should choose to enjoy nature outdoors in its natural habitat. Look, there’s no shame. Some of us just aren’t born with plant whisperer talent and that’s okay! Thankfully those of us with brown thumbs can enjoy the great outdoors with the bonus of it not only being free of cost but responsibility as well!

Get outside, go to the park and sit in the grass or hug a tree. Commune with nature in a way that makes you feel good instead of questioning if you can ever care for a living thing. Because honestly, you can, it’s just that raising thriving houseplants aren’t always as easy as we’ve been lead to believe.

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