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Spring Cleaning for Your Skin | Puriya Blog

April 23, 2019

Is Your Skin Ready for Warmer Weather?

As the final chilly days of winter wane off and we step into the renewing warmth of spring, we’re thinking about spring cleaning our skincare routines. This is the perfect time of year to take stock of products we’ve collected over the last few seasons. Not to mention, as the season’s change our skin’s needs also change. From purging expired products to evaluating how our lifestyle habits shift with the seasons, this is how we’re getting our skin ready for warm spring days!

Spring Clean Expired Products

First things first: take stock of your beauty products. From makeup to skincare and body care, we want to check all of the expiration dates. When checking your beauty stash, if you don’t see an expiration date, look for a symbol that looks like an open jar with a number inside of it. This symbol tells you how many months your product is good for once opened. Not quite sure when you opened your product? Err on the side of caution and when in doubt, stay safe and toss it out. Depending on the product and its ingredients, it could leave you with a chemical burn, breakouts, or harbor bad bacteria–things you really don’t want touching your skin.

Switch Up Your Heavy Skincare For Lighter Formulas

In the winter a lot of us use heavier moisturizers to keep our skin soft and hydrated. In the spring, you’ll want to switch it out heavy formulas for lightweight lotions. The same can be said for cleansers: if you use a nourishing cleanser in the winter, you’ll want to swap it out for a cleanser that helps control excess oil production, like a gel face wash. This is particularly true for normal to combination skin types, as rich products can make your skin more oily in warmer months. If you tend to feel dry year-round, chances are you may not need to switch your products at all.

Cut Back On Retinoids

If you’re an avid user of retinoids and spend your time exploring outdoors and upping your green time, you’ll want to cut back on using them often as they can increase photosensitivity. Essentially, photosensitivity means your skin is more sensitive to UV rays and can easily burn. It also makes your skin susceptible to new sun damage, so save your retinoids for months you spend less time enjoying the outdoors.

Wear Antioxidants and SPF Every Day

During winter, many of us hibernate and can justify not wearing an SPF every day–especially if your office isn’t near windows exposing you to sunlight. As we begin spending more time outside, becoming aware of the shift in our lifestyle habits and need to protect our skin becomes important. You can give your skin an additional layer of protection by wearing an antioxidant serum underneath your moisturizer, further protecting your skin from damaging UV rays. Antioxidants help protect your skin from damage caused by the sun but this doesn’t mean you can skip your sunscreen. Really, SPF every day is key!

Get A Professional Treatment To Exfoliate Away Dead Skin

There’s no better way to reset your skin for spring than refreshing your complexion and embracing a youthful spring glow. Professional treatments slough away dead skin cells and deep cleanse your pores, giving your complexion a fresh start. From facials to microdermabrasion, there are a number of treatments to choose from for your skin’s specific needs. If you aren’t sure which treatment is right for your skin, you can discuss options with your skincare professional for the perfect spring treat!

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