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Indoors Plants: Learn How to Begin Living Your Best Life

January 11, 2024

“Living your best life” is undeniably trendy right now. You see it everywhere — branded on clothing in the clearance section, pasted in the Instagram post you just double-tapped, front and center on every third item of home decor in your favorite store. We get it; everyone wants to be living their best life and proclaiming it from the heavens. “Living your best life” should headline more than your stunning vacation spot or your three-day vacation: shouldn’t it also include being the healthiest you can be?

That doesn’t mean transforming your daily routine overnight; however, anyone truly “living their best life” understands that quality of life begins with the quality of health. We should all be taking steps to make sure every aspect of our lives is wellness-oriented. Whether that’s being conscious of the food we put in our bodies, the products we use on our skin or the entertainment we allow our eyes to watch, there’s never a bad time to start caring about consumption.

One central focus for anyone living to improve their quality of life: improve the quality of the air you breathe! We’re going to break down easy steps to transform your living space – no matter how large or small – to introduce positive change into your daily routine.

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So many health conditions spark from allergens — food-borne allergens are easily the most well-known, contributing toward ailments like eczema or even anaphylaxis. Luckily, skin-minded diets exist to help you avoid fatal allergens; for the less fatal conditions, those that manifest as skin conditions like eczema, many methods of soothing reactions exist. From keeping a watchful eye on the foods we eat to using gentle skincare products such as Puriya’s Mother of All Creams, it becomes possible to stave off allergic reactions and keep our bodies looking as healthy as possible.

It’s necessary to take care of our external skin, but what about the inside of the body? How do we care for, say, our lungs and the amount of airborne dust and contaminated particles traveling through them every day? How do we make the air around us as pure as possible? Take a deep breath, because it’s not as hard as you might think.

Himalayan Salt Lamps

Not just a pretty decoration for your Bohemian-themed room, Himalayan salt lamps offer amazing health benefits from within their pretty pink interiors. Combined with the light of a bulb or even a candle, they can balance electromagnetic radiation. What does that mean? Well, many of the electronics commonly kept throughout the house emit positive ions into the air at a continuous rate. These positive ions can increase fatigue and stress; fortunately, the salt lamps emit negative ions, and therefore cancel out the positive ones, reducing radiation. On a very simple level, negative ions are gentler on our windpipes and lungs, which means that salt lamps can effectively increase breathing quality.

Alongside this major benefit, salt lamps trap dust particles via an operation called hygroscopy. Hygroscopy works by absorbing contaminated water molecules from the environment and trapping them in the salt, thereby purifying the air of cigarette smoke, dust, animal dander, and other airborne allergens. The next time you’re looking for something new to add to your bedroom decor, try the soft, healthy glow of a Himalayan salt lamp.

Indoor Plants

Society as a whole suffers from a current obsession with succulents. However, even though they’re adorable easily maintained, they don’t actually offer many benefits when it comes to purifying the air. Luckily, though, succulents have some super cool plant cousins that do the heavy lifting when it comes to air quality, and we’ve outlined a few below.

Barberton daisies:

Not only do introduce rich, warm colors into any living space or bedroom, Barberton daisies also purify the air of formaldehyde, trichloroethylene, and benzene. These toxins can unknowingly lurk in your living space, hiding anywhere from furniture pieces to linens to plastics, and as they have links to cancerous conditions, it’s best to stay busy banishing them from the air you breathe! A couple centerpiece daisies go a long way toward promoting an environment free of these toxins.

English ivy:

Highly recommended as a plant for bathrooms due to its ability to remove nasty fecal particles from the air, the English ivy’s purifying properties are a force to be reckoned with. Toss out your chemically-plugged air purifiers, because this natural upgrade will rid the air of any potential threat to your lungs. In addition, English ivy is also a naturally uplifting decor piece for your bathroom! Just make sure the ivy gets direct sunlight every day and you’ll be breathing easy and pure!

Aloe vera:

After purifying your bedroom with Barberton daisies and your bathroom with English ivy, make sure your kitchen is protected as well! Enter sweet aloe: known for its ability of purifying the air of formaldehyde and benzene, it will work hard at combating toxins you might find in cleaners, detergents or even the finish on the floor. Not to mention the fact that the aloe within the leaves is a great soothing agent for burns, eczema, and rashes, you’ll find this little plant to be a first aid kit, an air purifier and an aesthetic piece all in one!

Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oil diffusers work by dispersing your oil combinations of choice into the air. It is important to choose oils carefully, in order to avoid accidentally adding more chemicals to the air — always opt for wholly natural ingredients, in order to promote easy breathing, peace of mind and pleasant scents. Plus, many particular oils have properties which combat air toxins. For example, peppermint oil is a strong antiseptic, as well as a pleasing scent to banish nasty odors. Chamomile oil contains powerful anti-inflammatory properties, promoting soothing of the skin and internal organs. Lemon oil combats stale indoor air with its citrusy scent; it also helps to rid the air of toxins and pollutants.

With the help of these oils diffused into the air, you can rest assured that your diffuser purifies not only the air throughout the living space, but your lungs and mind as well!

Essential oils are great for more than just the air you breathe! Defend your skin from dry, itchy patches when you check out our guide to the best essential oils for your eczema.

No matter how you improve your air quality…

There is no wrong option when choosing from this list of natural air purifiers. So often we opt for chemically-laced products such as wall plug-ins or room sprays, but they only worsen the condition of the air, which can lead to problems of the skin, the lungs, and/or breathing. While you’ll find many options for topically healing skin impacted by the polluted air around us, Puriya dares to say it does it better. Our Chest Rub Balm helps you breathe easily, an aromatic blend of essential oils like peppermint, tea tree, and lavender.

No matter which method you choose for purifying the air around you, it’s important to get started today. Introduce Puriya’s Chest Rub Balm and the suggested air-purifying plant above into your life, and you’ll find yourself breathing easier and living your best life in no time!

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