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Eczema: Soothing Solutions for Extreme Dryness on the Face and Hands | Puriya

January 06, 2024

In those autumn days where everything still smells of cinnamon and pumpkin, social media capitalizes on the looming cold season to remind you of one thing: winter is coming. Winter, alongside stinging winds and dry air, rightfully strike fear in the hearts of individuals who suffer from seasonal eczema. Especially for those with eczema on the face and hands, winter brings much more pressing concerns than Christmas gifts and holiday cheer. Many are desperate to avoid what they know is coming: the yearly itchy skin, red inflammation, itchy flakes and patches that dominate the year’s final months.

Of course, we all do our research on the best products to satisfy itchy faces and cracked, dry hands. You’ll spend a fortune on something that promises relief, and never delivers. The result? A lighter wallet, and the same dry, itchy skin you swore you’d finally solve.

Consider this your retirement from yearly eczema research. Puriya’s Mother of All Creams actually works. It actually hydrates itchy, eczema-prone skin, and can help hydrate your dry patches. Don’t ask us; ask the thousands of yearly users who swear by the skin our Mother of All Creams can deliver!

We Solved the Eczema Equation.

We feel your pain – literally. Eczema is frustrating to deal with any time of year, but it is especially challenging in the colder months. Most current eczema remedies for the face and hands are temporary, outdated and impractical. Facial masks don’t last and require a considerable time investment, gloves don’t get the job done, and internet remedies are always the first thing you try and the last thing that works. Meanwhile, our exposed cheeks and knuckles suffer more and more from plummeting temperatures, even more than the rest of our skin.

Thankfully, our experts posed a solution. We scoured the planet in search of the healthiest, gentlest ingredients for your skin. The Mother of All Creams lives up to its name, targeting the sorest of eczema patches and the reddest of itches, while offering antibacterial ingredients that combat bacteria and return hydration to parched skin. Keep reading to learn more about the Mother of All Creams, as well as other easy ways to avoid eczema breakouts on your face and hands.

Remedies that Actually Work

Since healing eczema can prove a slow process, it’s easy to seek out the nearest dermatologist when eczema flare-ups happen. Never fear – you likely have several methods to soothe your eczema lying around you home. Let’s get to work!

Suffer No More!

With soothing aloe and avocado oil, plus the vitamins most effective in treating skin ailments, the Mother of All Creams lives up to its name. Not just your typical hand or facial cream, this cream will calm itchiness, promote soothing of cracked skin, and start the process of getting your hands and face back to baby-smooth! It’s the quickest, most effective way to discourage eczema, at any time of year. Before scheduling that dermatologist appointment, click here to see for yourself what Puriya’s Mother of All Creams might do for you.  

Relief from the Kitchen

Sometimes, lasting eczema relief is simple as a combination of the right oils, that pack in moisture and fight dryness and infection. Avocado oil and safflower oil are highly recommended in caring for eczema on both the hands and face. The fatty acids found in avocado oil specifically can help lessen inflammation of the skin, as well as improve skin barrier health on your hands and face–plus, the aroma is enough to warrant a trial use. Avocado oil can be applied to the infected areas multiple times a day, recommended especially after a shower and in the evening before bed.

You might also want to try honey or aloe vera for topical relief, especially if you are seeking treatment for eczema on the face. Aloe’s antimicrobial and antibacterial properties promise to fight infection which can occur within cracked skin. Honey has been used for decades to treat wounds and has proven useful in lessening inflammation and accelerating the healing process. Both can be purchased at grocery stores, but you’ll want to check the ingredients list — unnecessary additional chemicals dyes, or preservatives mixed into the product could do more damage to your skin than good. 

Daily Skin Care

Unfortunately, eczema can be triggered by events in your everyday life, from washing your hands and face to walking through a parking lot on an icy, windy day. Individuals with eczema-prone hands and faces should take extra steps to avoid antagonizing already dry skin spots. This attentiveness to the quality of your skin can be accomplished in a number of simple ways. 

Prolonged water exposure will do damage to the surface of your skin. It is highly recommended to use soaps which are high in oil and low in water content, which are also fragrance, paraben, and sulfate-free. The simpler the soap, the gentler it will perform. Also, keep an eye on the temperature of the water–although a steaming hot shower is a glorious treat, the flaming temperatures actually don’t do much good for your hands or your face. The dramatic heat hurts the skin barrier and can severely irritate eczema patches. Use lukewarm water with a gentle soap or cleanser, and you’ll be surprised at how this simple change can cause definitive improvement over time.

Moisturize, Moisturize, Moisturize.

Eczema is extreme dryness of the skin. To begin the healing process, there’s an easy first step: give your skin the moisture that it needs! With thousands of moisturizer brands currently circulating in the market today, you’ll want one that accomplishes all of the above benchmarks: soothes skin, can improve skin barrier health, lessens inflammation, free of petroleum and parabens. You know where this is going: we’ve done the work for you. Our Mother of All Creams is the solution you know you’ve been looking for.

The Mother of All Creams promises three things: lasting hydration, a non-irritating, gentle formula and strengthening of the skin’s natural barrier. Made from amaranth oil, avocado oil, aloe vera, shea butter, and complete with vitamin E, A, and C, Puriya’s formula can have your skin feeling better in no time. The product is plant-rich, with no harsh chemicals in the recipe which could further irritate your eczema. Better still, it safely soothes eczema on both the face and hands. You can use it as a facial moisturizer after cleansing, or reserve its place near the sink as a reminder each time you wash your hands.

Eczema has the potential to cripple your daily plans. Don’t give a small problem more power than it deserves: plant-rich Mother of All Creams can put the power back in your hands. It’s never been this good to feel so eczema-free!

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