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Wave Goodbye to Unwelcome, Itchy Skin Patches.

In those autumn days where everything still smells of cinnamon and pumpkin, social media capitalizes on the looming cold season to remind you of one thing: winter is coming. Winter, alongside stinging winds and dry air, rightfully strike fear in the hearts of individuals who suffer from seasonal eczema. Especially …

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Say Goodbye To Stubborn Athlete's Foot With This Antifungal

Say Goodbye To Stubborn Athlete’s Foot With This Antifungal

You live a fit, active lifestyle, participating in a wide range of activities from running to yoga to hitting the pool for laps. Above all, you take cleanliness seriously and do everything you can to prevent things like fungal infections from popping up. The last time you had one was …

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Everything You Need To Know To Prevent Kids Dry Skin

Everything You Need To Know To Prevent Kid’s Dry Skin

As a mom, dry skin and irritation can be a challenging feat when your child is the victim. You’re searching high and low for a remedy to relieve your child’s symptoms so they can sleep well and go back to being a kid. Not only that, you may be dealing …

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Feature | What Causes Acne | FAQs | About acne

What Causes Acne | FAQs

Knowing what causes acne is the first step to addressing it. Here, we answer your questions about this skin aggravating condition. In this article: What Is Acne? Are Acne And Pimples The Same? What Are Symptoms Of Acne? What Causes Acne? What Are The Causes of Acne Breakouts? How is …

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Feature | Best Lotions for Dry Skin to Keep You Moisturized During the Holidays | best lotion for dry skin

23 Best Lotions for Dry Skin to Keep You Moisturized During the Holidays

Keep skin supple and hydrated during cold months with the best lotion for dry skin. Take your pick from these body lotions which are the cream of the crop. 23 Best Lotions to Moisturize and Nourish Skin During the Harsh Winters 1. Puriya Mother of all Creams Puriya’s Mother of …

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