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11 Essential Tips for Puriya Mother of All Creams (Mildly Earthy) - Blog Puriya

June 10, 2020

Here are 11 essential tips for using your brand new Puriya Mother of All Creams (Mildly Earthy)!

Tip #1: Perform a Skin Test

First, we recommend you to check the label for any ingredients you may be allergic to. If you do not see anything concerning, we then recommend that you perform the following 2-step skin test:

Step 1 – Test a small amount of cream on the inside of the forearm three inches above the wrist. Considering this is the most sensitive area of skin for testing any topical product, a 30-minute application should be sufficient to determine if there is any allergic reaction. It is very rare (about 1%) that a person may experience an allergic reaction despite it being a plant-rich product.

Step 2 – If no adverse reaction occurs from the test above, test again on a small area of the affected skin before applying the product to a larger area.

If you experience an adverse reaction, do NOT continue using the product. Please contact us for an immediate refund.

Tip #2: Only Use Cream for Children 5 Years Old and Above

Do not use on children under age 5, on broken skin, near eyes, nose or on mouth, on undiagnosed skin conditions.

Tip #3: Avoid Adverse Reactions by Consulting Your Physician

Consult your physician if you intend to use this cream in conjunction with other topical prescription or over-the-counter remedies. Mixing products can potentially result in adverse reactions.

Tip #4: Refrigerate to Restore Cream’s Proper Consistency

Our product contains a plant-rich formulation. The consistency of the cream may change with the temperature, but it does not affect the effectiveness of the cream. If you find that the consistency of the cream had become thinner, you can simply refrigerate the cream until it thickens up again. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.

Tip #5: Cream is Easily Absorbed

Our formula is not greasy and absorbs easily.

Tip #6: Wash and Cleanse Skin Before Application

For people who have acne prone or oily skin, we suggest cleaning the skin with soap and warm water (natural castile glycerin soap recommended) and rinse with cold water to close the pores before applying the cream.

Tip #7: Use Sparingly with Makeup or on Scalp

When using on your face with makeup or on scalp, we recommend a dime-sized amount spread evenly, and give it a minute or two to absorb. If more is needed, we recommend frequent, lighter applications rather than using a lot at once.

Tip #8: Keep Your Jar Refrigerated

For severely itchy skin, we recommend putting the cream in the fridge and moisturizing your skin often. Applying cold cream soothes the itching even faster.

Tip #9: Store Cream Properly

Our product is heat stable up to about 125°F but sustained (weeks and months) heat always degrades any formulation. To ensure the maximum durability of the product, please store your cream in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and with the lid firmly closed.

Tip #10: Sanitize Hands Before Use

It is also important to avoid contaminating the product during normal use. Hands should be clean before using the cream.

Tip #11: Use Product Consistently for 3 Weeks

How long does it take to see results? We normally suggest customers try our product for at least 3 weeks to determine its overall effectiveness.

Information on Sealing Disc and Outer Seal

In a rare situation, if you received a product with a damaged inner sealing disc or the outer seal is not intact or any concerns you might have about the arrival condition, please contact us immediately and we will send you a new jar right away.  You do not need to return the product back. All of our products are brand new and fulfilled by Amazon. We grant Amazon permission to destroy all returned products immediately to ensure that no returned products make it back on to market.

Information on Consistency, Color and Texture

Our product contains a plant-rich formulation. There will always be a slight difference in color, texture and odor from batch to batch due to the natural ingredients used. This is the main reason large companies use synthetic ingredients, for consistency. The color, texture and odor are especially prone to variations due to grow and harvest seasons of essential oils. These changes do not affect the way the product functions. We source materials from the world’s best sources and have standardized formulation to keep the formula as consistent as possible.

Bonus Tip: Keep in Touch with our Customer Companions!

For any questions or concerns, you may email us at service@puriya.com or chat with us on Facebook Messenger.

We hope you are happy with your purchase and enjoyed these starter tips!

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