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Everything You Need To Know To Prevent Kid's Dry Skin - Blog Puriya

February 26, 2019

As a mom, dry skin and irritation can be a challenging feat when your child is the victim. You’re searching high and low for a remedy to relieve your child’s symptoms so they can sleep well and go back to being a kid. Not only that, you may be dealing with worrying whether or not your mom friends are secretly questioning your parenting abilities.

To start, their judgments would be unfounded. Realistically, every skin condition varies from person to person, and one solution doesn’t fit all. Add to the challenge that children’s skin is virgin, making it more susceptible to dry skin and sensitivity and easily reactive to treatments adults can use without concern.

There are a number of reasons your child may experience dry skin conditions:

  • Bathing in water that’s too hot
  • Living in a dry climate or seasonal cold, dry weather
  • Using body cleansers with sulfates or harsh ingredients that strip the skin of its natural oils, removing the protective lipid barrier 
  • Allergic reactions to topical cosmetic products, foods, or even household cleaners like detergent
  • Genetics can also play a role if your family has a history of dry skin conditions

If your kid is experiencing rough and flaking skin, has white or grayish patches, cracked skin, or itchiness and scaly texture, try these solutions to resolve their dry skin symptoms:

  • Place a humidifier in their bedroom while they’re sleeping at night to replenish moisture
  • Use moisturizers with ceramides and essential skin lipids to restore their skin barrier
  • Bathe with gentle cleansers to nourish their skin instead of becoming harsh on their skin
  • Use lukewarm water in baths
  • Add foods high in essential fatty acids like avocado and oily fish to replenish their body from the inside out

Our Mother Of All Creams is a cult favorite for relieving dry skin symptoms like eczema, contact dermatitis, and rashes, and it’s great for children!

Take sweetheart Bayley for example! Bayley has skin sensitivity and struggles with itchy dry skin when seasons begin to change. Countless doctors visits and prescriptions left Bayley’s mom with much to be desired in finding comfort for her daughter, nothing seemed to provide lasting relief. After trying numerous prescriptions and over the counter creams, her mom was searching for a product that would not only provide relief but would provide long-lasting results as well.

After trial and error, Bayley finally found her relief with Mother Of All Creams, so she could go back to being a kid and having fun, regardless of the weather or time of year. Within 24 hours of using Puriya, Bayley’s skin was soft, smooth and itch-free!

When trying Mother Of All Creams for your little one’s skin condition, we suggest patch testing in a small area before applying to the area of concern, as kids tend to be more sensitive than adults. If your child’s symptoms don’t appear to be getting better after 2 weeks of home treatments it’s time to consult a doctor. However, if their symptoms are preventing him/her from being able to comfortably live or appear to be infected, contact your doctor immediately.

Solving your kid’s dry skin can be a game of trial and error, it may be incredibly frustrating. Patience and determination will lead you to find a solution that works for your family, so don’t give up!

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