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4 Essential Tips for Puriya Ultra Sports Cream - Blog Puriya

June 10, 2020

Here are 4 essentials tips for using your brand new Puriya Ultra Sports Cream!

Tip #1: Perform a Skin Test

First, we recommend you test a small amount of Ultra Sports Cream on the inside of your forearm three inches above the wrist. Considering this is the most sensitive area of the skin for testing any topical product, a 30-minute application should be sufficient to determine if you have an allergic reaction. It is very rare, but about 1% of customers may have an allergy despite it being a plant-rich product. If you do, we will refund your purchase immediately.

Tip #2: Apply Accordingly to Affected Areas

Rub a thin film of cream into the affected areas. For faster relief, apply 3 times within 10-15 minute intervals. If discomfort is severe, apply cream 3 times within 5-minutes intervals and repeat 3 times per day or as needed.

Tip #3: Store Cream Properly

To ensure the maximum durability of the product, please store your Ultra Sports Cream in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight and with the lid firmly closed.

Tip #4: Sanitize Hands Before Use to Avoid Contamination

It is also important to avoid contaminating the product during normal use. Hands should be clean before using the cream.

Bonus Tip: Keep in Touch with our Customer Companions!

For any questions or concerns, you may email us at service@puriya.com or chat with us on Facebook Messenger.

We hope you are happy with your purchase and enjoyed these starter tips!

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