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Within Days This Natural Formula will Cure Your Itchy Dry Skin [Review]

January 22, 2019

Can you answer this riddle?

You can’t see it with the naked eye, but you can feel it in the air. We hear our girlfriends complain about it wreaking havoc on their fresh blowouts, turning polished manes into an unrecognizable poof of frizzy texture. If you guessed the answer to our riddle is humidity, you’re right on the money!

Typically viewed as a nuisance, humidity is quite wonderful for your skin, as it provides plentiful moisture to keep itchy dry skin at bay. Moisture is a crucial component for beautiful, glowing skin. It helps keep your complexion soft, supple, and younger looking,  It also aids in maintaining many key processes we don’t notice happening in the deepest layers of our dermis.

But what if you live in a climate where humidity isn’t plentiful? You may find yourself experiencing miserable dry skin conditions. At best, you begin noticing dry patches and flaky skin. Annoying, but manageable. At worst, your skin feels incredibly uncomfortable. Dry, tight, itchy, scaly–will you ever find relief?

When visiting or living in a dry climate, your skin needs supportive ingredients to help it restore essential moisture. Without moisture, your skin begins to feel dry, rough, and scaly. If left untreated, your skin condition will worsen, potentially becoming unbearable, and if neglected for an extended period of time it’s certain to become a chronic problem.

Once you cross over into that threshold, a new host of undesirable troubles begin to arise. When your skin is well hydrated, its natural processes of preventing premature aging and protecting you from irritation and sensitivity perform optimally. Imagine what a mess your skin could become if it can’t function the way it knows how! Unwanted fine lines and wrinkles, redness and inflammation, enlarged pores, and increased sensitivity are all possibilities. The good news is that this is completely avoidable and simple to remedy!

With all this in mind, in order to keep your comfort and sanity, it’s best to treat your itchy dry skin before it becomes a long-standing predicament.  Dealing with painful skin conditions are no fun, we’ve experienced it ourselves, and we’re here to help!

If you’ve been searching for a solution to your skin quandaries, Puriya Mother of All Creams may be your holistic based answer. Mother of All Creams is a magical formula created from nature, providing relief to those who suffer from dry conditions that cause tight, itchy, and scaly skin. A nurturing blend of plant oils and butters, combined with soothing essential oils, restore vital lipids that replenish your skin with fatty acids, ultimately bringing harmony and balance to your complexion.

Here is what one of our customer’s had to say about how Mother of All Creams helped her dry skin.

The moment Yurie Lorange moved away from the humid temperatures of Hawaii to the cold, dry air of Salt Lake City, her skin dried out and got really itchy flaky and scaly. Asking around for recommendations from others, she tried different creams and nothing worked. She started searching online and came across Puriya’s Mother of All Creams. The main reason she started using Puriya was that she read the reviews that it is made with all natural products yet it was also highly effective.  She thought,it all seemed too good to be true.

Our cream has essential fatty acids that act as a protective barrier for your skin, calming irritation and sensitivity, banishing the dry, tight feeling you’ve seeking relief from, and smoothing flaky, scaly skin. As your skin’s lipid balance is restored, moisture levels will increase, and your skin will return to its soft, supple state before dry weather took its toll.

For many of our customers, all it takes is a few days of applying Puriya Mother of All Creams after a rejuvenating shower to lock in hydration and say farewell to uncomfortable dry skin. How much longer will you endure intolerable itchy, flaky skin before trying the relief you deserve?

Click here to find out more about our Mother of All Creams, available in Light Peppermint or Mildly Earthy.

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