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Eczema: Ending Hated Irritation & Dryness | Puriya

January 08, 2024

Flaky scalp? Itchy hands? Frustrating dry patches that just won’t go away no matter what kind of voodoo you smear across them? Nearly 35 million Americans suffer from the painful, damaging effects of eczema, and many do not see an end to the fight against it. Yet, with so many ointments, creams, balms and oils on the market, it seems impossible for people to not find a solution to their ailment. Still, it remains a horrible, seemingly undestroyable part of life for so many people. 

A common thread with many of these ointments, creams, etc, is the length of the ingredients list. If you have ever taken a moment to glance over the list of words on the back of your lotion bottle, you might not be able to recognize many of them, let alone pronounce them. That right there is a good indicator of chemical content, and many chemicals can actually help cause more flare-ups on your skin. Before you embark on a long, probably fruitless search of the world wide web for toxin-free ways to solve the problem, try this comprehensive list of natural, effective ways to get help remedying your eczema. 

What do you mean you’ve never heard of Puriya? 

Puriya is everything you need and want in a skincare brand. With only a handful of products to choose from, you know that the utmost attention and care has gone into intentionally selecting the healthiest, purest, gentlest ingredients to help offer relief to your starving skin.

First off, you might want to consider the soothing properties of the Mother of All Creams, perfect for hands, legs, body, and even the face. Its formula is an advanced, plant-rich blend known for its gentle feel and powerful properties, which combat the aggressive discomfort and appearance of eczema. With soothing shea butter, delightfully relaxing avocado oil, and tons of vitamins to help revitalize the skin, (not to mention the delicious peppermint or earthy scents to choose from), you’ll be stocking up on this one. 

If your eczema materializes on your scalp and is the source of frustrating dandruff and itchiness, you’ll want to consider Scalp Clarifying Shampoo and Conditioner for some much-needed peace of mind. Pumped full of goodness in the form of tea tree, sage, rosemary and arnica, you’ll find it a refreshing blend of skin-soothing ingredients, without dangerous sulfates or parabens, for the moisturizing effects your scalp so desperately craves. Just think of how rich and luscious your happy hair is going to look when you give it these much-needed vitamins.  

Can I offer you a menu?

Speaking of vitamins, have you ever considered the types of food and drink you consume might be the underlying cause of your eczema flare-ups? It’s really quite eye-opening to look at a list of foods considered inflammatory, that is, foods that essentially freak your skin out. Obviously, each person is different and is going to react to certain foods differently than the next guy, but it’s good to have an awareness of what might be causing inflamed skin from an inside perspective. 

Most doctors recommend staying away from citrus, dairy, wheat/gluten, eggs, and soy, to name a few. Also, for those who suffer from eczema on the hands and feet in particular, try avoiding foods known to contain nickel, i.e. foods sourced from the soil. Items such as chocolate, black tea, beans and lentils, nuts and seeds have been connected to eczema problems and might be the cause of your flare-ups. Avoiding them until certain they’re not the root of your eczema woes could be your ticket to healing. 

Even though no one is a fan of the word diet, sometimes it is better to solve the problem at its core. Therefore, a simple trial-run of eliminating foods and slowly introducing them back (sometimes known as an elimination diet), can lead to a surprising reduction of dry skin breakouts. Between being aware of what you’re putting in your body, and routinely applying gentle creams to the outside, you’re on your way to halting eczema in its tracks. 

 Have you tried these DIYs? 

Believe it or not, there are dozens of eczema-fighting ingredients found all throughout nature, and even in your own house. It’s easy to go straight to the source and avoid all the chemical properties of extravagant (and expensive) eczema medications. 

Aloe vera is a great way to fight eczema, and is actually an ingredient in many of Puriya’s products because of its renowned healing properties. It fights bacteria and promotes healing in wounds — a great combination in battling extreme dryness. Choose from a chemical-free bottle of aloe at the drugstore, or just buy an aloe plant and immediately experience the cooling sensation from its healthy leaves. 

Help the skin’s defenses by increasing the needed levels of acidity by applying apple cider vinegar to rough patches. Always dilute the apple cider vinegar with water before applying it to the skin so as to avoid burning! This can be done in a healing bath soak or a warm towel wrap. Let it sit on the affected areas to allow the skin to soak in those nutrients and find soon yourself with skin quickly on its way back to smooth!

Note: Rinse your body thoroughly with water, and apply gentle moisturizer, after any use of apple cider vinegar on your skin.

Also found in our Mother of all Creams is Shea butter, a fatty nut extract with widespread skin care applications. Shea butter packs this product with value, offering lasting benefits to the skin that can include acne prevention, improved collagen production, dandruff treatment and extra protection from potentially harmful UV rays. Of course, shea butter can also help to work wonders for your eczema and psoriasis: its anti-inflammatory nature helps to relieve burning, dry skin and promote healthy cell regeneration.

Hit the road, Eczema 

You don’t need to suffer any longer from itchy hands, feet, scalp, or body. With Puriya’s collection of plant-rich, natural creams and hair care, subtle changes in your eating habits, and even a random collection of items in your home with hidden healing properties, you’re well on your way to finding the secret to a life without eczema. Click here for all of Puriya’s wonderful products and get back to healthy, gorgeous skin.

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There aren’t many skin conditions as unrelenting, annoying and downright painful as eczema. Left untreated, it can cripple your daily productivity and level your self-confidence. Here’s the good news: no matter where on your body you might experience extreme dryness, Puriya has you covered. More than 300,000 households around the world have fallen in love with Puriya’s proven model for skin care: pure ingredients and a plant-rich approach. We hope it’s only a matter of time before we can consider you the newest member of the Puriya family.

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