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How To Treat Eczema On Scalp Naturally | Puriya Blog | Eczema

August 23, 2018

Eczema on the scalp is a skin condition affecting both children and adults. It develops because of the changes in the skin surface composition, along with a poor immune system that triggers abnormal responses to the skin’s microbes. Dealing with this skin condition is an arduous task but with the help of natural remedies for eczema, you’ll find relief from the symptoms sooner than you expect. Read on to learn more about treating scalp eczema below.

Natural Remedies to Relieve Symptoms of Eczema on the Scalp

Five Natural Ways to Reduce Symptoms of Eczema on the Scalp + Bonus Tip

1. Don’t Use Beauty Products with Chemicals

Chemical-laden beauty products can worsen eczema symptoms because they may cause scalp dryness. Instead, use natural and organic ones as much as possible to prevent scalp irritation. Opt for natural skin care products like aloe vera gel, shea butter, witch hazel, tea tree, and apple cider vinegar.

2. Take Zinc Supplements

Take Zinc Supplements | How To Treat Eczema On The Scalp Naturally | symptoms of eczema

Zinc deficiency causes skin rashes and irritation. This nutrient is also used as an ingredient in some topical agents for relieving symptoms of eczema. If you’re unsure whether you lack zinc or not, it might be best to consult a physician first for medical guidance.

3. Stay Hydrated

This may be the simplest remedy, but drinking plenty of water daily significantly improves skin hydration. Water has a lot of health benefits; improving skin conditions is just one of these. You can also try other healthy water alternatives like homemade smoothies and juices, green tea, and coconut water.

4. Improve Immune Function

Low immune function and high inflammation levels are some of the causes of many skin conditions. Fatigue, anxiety, depression, and chronic stress can also lead to skin irritations and worsen any skin condition. Consider following a healthy lifestyle by sleeping seven to eight hours, exercising regularly, consuming probiotics and omega-3 fatty acids, and others.

5. Prevent Scalp Dryness and Itchy Dandruff

Prevent Scalp Dryness and Itchy Dandruff | How To Treat Eczema On The Scalp Naturally | natural remedy

Dandruff and scalp dryness are the first symptoms you’ll observe. This is why it’s necessary to take action to prevent or manage these symptoms right away. One of the ways to prevent scalp dryness is to avoid shampooing your hair every day. This allows the levels of natural oil to normalize on your scalp.

You can also apply vitamin E oil. Simply massage the oil on the scalp and leave it for 15 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water and a mild shampoo. No need to apply conditioner.

Here’s a Bonus Tip…

Step 1: Use Tea Tree Oil Shampoo Daily

When trying to relieve the symptoms of scalp eczema, your go-to natural home remedy is a tea tree oil shampoo. This is because tea tree oil has antibacterial and antifungal properties that will effectively stop scalp flaking and itchiness. Look for a natural scalp therapy shampoo containing a potent formula of tea tree oil, sage, Arnica, and rosemary to deeply moisturize and condition the scalp. Natural shampoos contain zero harsh chemicals and are ideal for men, women, children, and even pets. This shampoo is for everyday use, especially for people with severe scalp eczema.

Step 2: Make a Homemade Natural Remedy

Step 2: Make a Homemade Natural Remedy | How To Treat Eczema On The Scalp Naturally | natural remedy

You’re going to use coconut oil and other essential oils to make this homemade recipe. Coconut oil alone contains fatty acids with high levels of antifungal, antiviral, and antimicrobial properties. The oil helps reduce fungus, excess yeast, and microbes that can cause scalp dryness, irritation, and excessive oil. To make the natural remedy, simply combine four ounces of coconut oil, one teaspoon of honey, six drops of tea tree oil, eight drops of rosemary oil, and eight drops of cedarwood oil together.

Step 3: Apply the Natural Solution on Your Scalp

Put a generous amount of the solution on your scalp. Massage the affected area gently with the soft part of your fingers. Then, leave it for about 15-20 minutes and rub or rinse it off. Massaging your scalp conditions the skin and strengthens the roots of your hair.

Watch this video on how to eliminate dandruff from Dr. Pimple Popper University:

Eczema on the scalp can be a serious condition if left untreated, and it shouldn’t hinder you from enjoying your life. Our list of tips will be very helpful in your journey to fight scalp dryness and dandruff. Soon enough, you can say goodbye to the flaking and itching and wear a black shirt confidently without any worries!

What other natural remedies on eczema on the scalp can you share with us? Let us know in the comments section!

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