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The summertime is when everyone is looking for a fast way to cool off, but perhaps you might want to think twice before you opt for the chlorinated pool over natural sources like a fresh water lake or the mineral rich sea. Although chlorine is highly effective at killing pathogens …

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Living Well Interview Series with Dr. Michael Murray on Evidence-Based Natural Health

Recorded Live, Learn about Science-Based Natural Medicine with Dr. Michael Murray-Best Selling Author and Leading Authority in Natural Health. Hear about the reasons behind why Dr. Murray decided to become a naturopathic doctor, Learn that natural medicine is science-based and how Dr. Murray has collected over 60,000 studies on natural health, …

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Living Well Interview Series with Summer Kramer on Natural Ways to Protect Your Skin from the Sun

Recorded Live, Puriya’s CSO, Dr. Michele Burklund interview’s Summer Kramer, Skin Cancer Survivor turned Clothing Designer & Founder of UV Sun Protectant Clothing Company SummerSkin. Listen to Summer’s story of how she went from a PharmD to clothing designer after her diagnosis with melanoma, Learn about her passion behind protecting …

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Summer Foraging: The Top 5 Wild Medicinal Plants For The Season

It’s a very busy time in the plant world! It’s finally the time of year that most of us have been waiting for, the time of year when the colors are vibrant, the berries are abundant, and medicinal plants are flourishing. Here’s your guide for just some of the amazing …

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How To Beat The Heat With Cooling Botanicals

Many of us wait all year for the summer to arrive and have fond memories of the days spent relaxing under the sun far away from the hustle and bustle of daily life. In Traditional Chinese Medicine, summer is associated with the element of fire. In Ayurveda, summer is associated …

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