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itchy, flakey scalp

Itchy, Flakey Scalp? Try This!

Is persistent dandruff wearing you out? If you’re tired of itchy, dry, flakey scalp, maybe it’s time to try tea tree oil. This rejuvenating essential oil has been used for centuries to assist with an assortment of skin and hair issues, including dandruff. Here is a more in-depth look at …

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Fall Allergy Guide: Common Causes and Prevention Tips 🍂

As summer changes to fall, three things come to mind – cool, crisp air … bright, colorful leaves … and allergies. Though it’s a favorite time of year for some people, it can be miserable for others. In the United States alone, approximately 23 million people suffer from seasonal allergies. …

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Feature | The Best Chest Rub For Congestion | vicks rub for chest congestion

The Best Chest Rub For Congestion

Not being able to breathe easy is a supreme annoyance. You will often hear the phrase “it’s just a cold,” but the common cold can knock you flat on your back – robbing you of comfortable breathing and a good night’s sleep. This is no way to live. It begs …

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