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This Is How To Reduce Joint Pain During Cold Months - Blog Puriya

February 19, 2019

Many people enjoy the cozy feel of a rainy, cold winter day, but if you suffer from joint pain the thought may trigger an unwelcome feeling. Massaging your wrists at the thought of the dull pain that comes with cold, damp weather creates a physical reminder of the unwelcome symptoms of joint pain. If left unchecked, it can easily take over our lives and reshape our day to day experiences.

Unfortunately, an explanation for why cooler temperatures impact our joints is somewhat of a mystery.  One popular theory is that when the barometric pressure drops, it causes our tendons, muscles, and surrounding tissues to expand. Within the limited space of our body, the expansion causes pain, particularly in our joints.

Add in the mind-body connection and how we’re wired to emotionally and mentally feel the effects of weather, a cold, sunless day can impact our happiness levels, further exacerbating how we perceive pain.

What if you could reduce the level of discomfort you experience from joint pain?

To start, keeping your joints warm by layering with toasty, insulating clothes can help stave off the cold. Maintaining consistent physical activity will strengthen your body, too! Regular exercise builds up muscle strength, supporting your joints, and maintaining a healthy weight can alleviate additional stress on your hips, knees, and ankles.

For exceptionally bad days when the weather is chilling you to the bone, heating pads can soothe aggravated joints and warm your body.

Our favorite way to fight off pain is by massaging in Ultra Relief Cream into sore areas. From joint, back, knee, neck and shoulder pain, this botanical relief cream instantly soothes our aches and pains. Whether it’s arthritis, carpal tunnel, tennis elbow, tendonitis, or chronic muscle pain, Ultra Relief Cream is a powerful, naturally formulated cream for managing the toughest cold weather pain, and one we can’t be without!

We highly suggest pairing it with a healthy lifestyle to approach your pain from every angle. Take good care of your body by eating wholesome foods and loading up on dark leafy greens, oily fish like salmon, and foods rich in vitamin C. Avoid foods that can trigger inflammation and manage your stress levels with activities that calm your nerves. Go to bed at your ideal time, allowing your body to receive a full night’s sleep restorative sleep. And perhaps most importantly, keep a positive mindset for a full-spectrum approach to managing your joint pain.

When your aches and pains are at their worst, remind yourself your happiness isn’t controlled by your body. You have authority over how discomfort impacts your day and you have the power to stop it from ruining your week! Tell yourself, “The sun will shine again and my happiness is not defined by physical experience.” Put mind over matter and allow yourself to welcome life with less pain.

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