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How To Protect Your Hair and Scalp From Summer Sun - Blog Puriya

July 09, 2019

You have your summer skin routine down but have you thought about how to care for your hair while you’re having fun in the sun? Our hair can become damaged a number of ways in summer months: overexposure of harmful UV rays breaking down our hair cuticles, sweat, sea salt, even chlorinated pool water. The result? Dry, damaged, and frizzy strands.

Many of us have great hair year round, but when summer rolls around, lifeless, limp hair becomes troublesome. Often, this is a result of sunshine drying out our strands due to UV rays breaking down our hair cuticles. On top of giving our hair a straw-like appearance, increased humidity turns our hair flat and lifeless.

So, how do we protect our hair and scalp from the summer sun? We have solutions! Try these tips to maintain your luscious locks throughout your summer adventures.

Use Less Heat Tools and Let Your Hair Air Dry

Our hair is already taking a beating from the summer heat, so do your locks a favor by air drying as often as possible. Intense heat from blow drying dries out our hair and sets it up for breakage, something we all want to prevent. Try towel drying your hair, combing through using your fingers to prevent breakage. This is also a great season to try out hairstyles like ponytails, braids, and buns.

Make Caring For Your Scalp A Priority

With higher temps, our bodies produce more sweat, increasing hair issues like dandruff and split ends. In the worst case scenario, you may even see a thinning or loss in hair. Caring for our scalp during summer is important, as the conditions create dryness and potential sunburns. If your scalp is chronically dry, you’ll begin noticing damage at the roots of your hair.

Puriya’s shampoo and conditioner with tea tree oil are fantastic for keeping your scalp comfortable and balanced throughout summer. In particular, the set works especially well if you find yourself suffering from a dry, flaky, or itchy scalp. With botanicals like sage, aloe, arnica, and rosemary, you’ll find soothing relief so you can get back to enjoying time with friends and family.

At the Same Time, Cut Back On How Frequently You Shampoo

Frequent shampooing can further dry out your scalp, removing natural oils that keep your hair protected and healthy. Stock up on the dry shampoo and take advantage of hairstyles for dirty hair. Doing so will clean your hair without stripping your scalp and hair cuticles of moisture.

Help Prevent and Reverse Damage with a Nourishing Hair Mask

After a day out in the sun, especially if you’ve spent time at the pool or beach, replenishing your strands with a nourishing hair mask is essential to keep your hair soft, bouncy and free of split ends. Look for products with proteins mixed in the formula to properly replenish your hair. In a hurry? Grab some botanical oil, massage through the length and ends of your hair, and toss into a bun, giving your locks time to absorb nutrients. However, keep in mind that your hair needs more than oils to be fully replenished. Over time, using only oil on your hair may still leave you with dry, brittle ends.

Make a Hat Your Summer Style Staple

Whether your style calls for a baseball cap or a fashionable wide-brimmed hat, wearing one helps protect your scalp and face from UV rays and heat. Not only is it protective, but it’s a great way to hide less than perfectly groomed hair while we’re working to protect our luscious locks.

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