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August 25, 2018

1. Try This Home Remedy For Dandruff | How To Get Rid Of Dandruff

A home remedy for dandruff is holistic and affordable option to get rid of an itchy scalp. While a regular dandruff shampoo will promise to remove all traces of white flakes on your scalp, this isn’t always the case. Some dandruff treatment shampoos could do more harm than good and will make your scalp drier than it already is. Fortunately, you can always with a natural solution that’s milder and safer on the skin… Click to read more

2. Essential Oil For Psoriasis: Try These 7 Scents

Psoriasis affects the lives of roughly 125 million people worldwide, but many don’t know that using essential oil for psoriasis can provide much-needed relief and even prevent the symptoms of this skin condition. Essential oils are fragrant oils that are extracted from plants, and many hold unique qualities like anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties that can relieve the itching and redness that psoriasis causes. These oils can be your secret weapon, simply applying it to the skin when needed. Best of all, the use of essential oil for psoriasis means you are less reliant on harsh chemicals and prescriptions and have a natural home remedy for relief… Click to read more

3. Best Athlete’s Foot Cream

What is the best athlete’s foot cream, and what are the ingredients you should look for? If you’re suffering from this painful foot fungus then you’ve probably scoured the grocery store aisles in search of relief. Athlete’s foot can be debilitating, and searching for a solution, especially when dealing with an active flare-up can be extremely frustrating. Look no further, here is a list of the best athlete’s foot cream for YOU! Click to read more

4. 12 Best Exercises For Lower Back Pain Relief

Lower back pains are a common struggle for most adults these days. Hours spent hunched over your desk or your smartphone has wreaked havoc on your lower back. So do yourself (and your back) a favor and try these exercises for lower back pain relief that you can do before heading to the office (or during your lunch break). Many of these exercises focus on strengthening your lower back and abdominal muscles (Hello six-pack!) Consult your doctor or chiropractor before getting started and always follow the advice of your physician before engaging in physical activity if you have an injury… Click to read more


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