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Psoriasis Symptoms to Watch Out for | What Causes Psoriasis? Symptoms and Treatment | What Causes Psoriasis
August 18, 2018

1. What Causes Psoriasis? Symptoms And Treatment

So what causes psoriasis? Psoriasis occurs due to the speeding up of the life cycle of skin cells. It’s an autoimmune condition but not a congenital (or inborn) one. To prevent this skin condition or learn to manage it, you have to know the triggers for psoriasis. Keep reading to find out what they are as well as the psoriasis symptoms and how to treat psoriasis… Click to read more

2. Causes Of Dandruff | How To Diagnose And Treat

Until those telltale flakes first appeared in your hair — not to mention on the shoulders of your favorite black sweater — you probably didn’t spend a lot of time thinking about the causes of dandruff. So you may be surprised to learn that dandruff is a symptom, not a condition. To help rid yourself of embarrassing flakes, you’ll need to diagnose what is causing them… Click to read more

3. Causes Of Rosacea: Know What To Avoid

Medical studies have yet to pinpoint the exact causes of rosacea, but they’ve put a finger on some of the most common triggers. Fortunately, avoiding these rosacea triggers is possible through awareness, which makes it all the more important to recognize them… Click to read more

4. The Eczema Friendly Diet | Anti Inflammatory Foods

People with atopic dermatitis (commonly called eczema) need to watch the food they eat. Eating the wrong food may cause inflammation. Anyone with this inflammatory skin condition needs an eczema friendly diet. These foods may help you manage this skin problem and may reduce the symptoms… Click to read more


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