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May 28, 2019

This Is How Moms Use Aromatherapy To Unwind And Destress

When your mom friends ask how you’re doing, is your first response “Busy, busy, busy!”? It’s understandable, you’re the first respondent to your mini me’s needs, carpool, after-school activities, PTA…

May 21, 2019

11 Ways To Show Your Mom You Appreciate Her

Whether it’s Mother’s Day or any random day of the year, there’s no wrong time to show our mama’s how much we appreciate them. When we’re little, we often fail

May 20, 2019

Living Well Series Interview with David Kennet on Sound Healing

Recorded Live, enjoy this amazing interview with David Kennet, Founder of Soul Sounding to learn about vibrational sound therapy and how to reprogram the unconscious, hear about David’s innovative approach