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How To Love Your Skin When It's Not Loving You Back

February 12, 2019

Have you ever felt personally victimized by your skin?

You enjoyed a restful nights sleep and as you begin to wake up you run your hands along your skin, you notice the texture feels off. Walking to the nearest mirror, you notice an eczema flare-up invading your neck and jawline. “I stuck to my routine like directed!” you think. Maybe it’s actually your rosacea being triggered, or your child has yet another rash up and down their arm.

We could continue listing various nightmarish scenarios as examples but you get the idea. Out of nowhere, your body seems to be working against you, and it’s showing up where others can see in plain sight. Then the negative thoughts start flowing, you feel the prickling of anxiety…

I bet my child’s teacher thinks I’m a terrible mother.
That stranger thinks I have poor hygiene, that I don’t care for myself.
I look disgusting, no one wants anything to do with me.
How can I hide this so no one thinks less of me?

Dealing with skin sensitivity and irritation can be really tough, whether it’s happening to you or a loved one. We’re sharing our own personal advice on how we cope with the emotional side of our skin struggles when it impacts our confidence, worthiness, and self-esteem, so you can fall in love with your skin no matter the circumstance.

Most importantly, treat yourself kindly.

When you look in the mirror, try to refrain from beating yourself up with negativity. What your body has chosen to do is not your fault! Sometimes we don’t even know what our triggers are. How fair is it to let those negative thoughts take control when you’ve done everything in your power to manage your skin sensitivity? Or when you’re not even sure of the cause? The reality of the matter is, for those of us prone to sensitivity and irritation, a wide range of culprits can cause our rashes and flare-ups. We may never find the true root cause, so we choose to live mindfully without letting anxiety or fear control our emotions.

At the same time, we’re all a work in progress, we all have flaws. It’s okay if you don’t wake up tomorrow morning and embrace your reflection in kindness, baby steps toward loving yourself are still successful movements in overcoming an opposing self-image. Show yourself compassion, believe you’re doing your best. You’re not defined by your ailments.

Believe your skin conditions are temporary.

Whether it’s the severity of your symptoms that are transient or the condition itself, it’s important to understand you’re in a temporary situation. Nothing lasts forever, so believe in your core what’s affecting your well being is a temporary circumstance. It’s a condition you will survive and come out the other side stronger than ever. It’s all about maintaining a positive mindset. Sure, you might have contact dermatitis, but you can choose to not allow your skin to impact your well being. A healthy, positive mindset is key in loving your skin regardless of what it’s doing!

And never give up.

You’ve tried thousands of creams, met hundreds of doctors, and have read every blog imaginable. You may feel you’re at the end of the rope, at your wit’s end. Never give up on finding a solution. Your regular doctor can’t seem to find a fix? Perhaps a naturopath has a solution. Tried every lotion and potion on your radar? Search for a new resource that can provide you with a fresh, winning suggestion. No matter what, believe in your ability to find the solution you so desire. You’re not defined by your appearance and you’re worthy of loving your skin, even when it’s misbehaving.

Here at Puriya, we are committed to helping you Love Your Skin.

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