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Top Tips for Avoiding Dry Skin this Winter | Puriya Blog

November 26, 2018

woman applying moisturizing lotion to hands

Winter brings with it the coziness of the holidays, the excitement of the approaching new year and the promise of wearing fuzzy sweaters. Unfortunately, all the warm and cozies come served with a side of biting winds, plunging temperatures and brutal blizzards. We know it’s coming, so we install snow tires, pull out the parkas and keep pizza delivery on speed-dial, but what do we do for our skin? As a second thought for many, the outer layer of our skin suffers more from the harsh temperatures than our stomachs after six helpings of grandma’s mashed potatoes! So instead of suffering from itchy, flaky skin this winter, learn the best tips for having hands so smooth, your aunt will be asking for your skin-moisturizing secrets.



Lotions contain a higher content of water than oil. Water, when applied repeatedly to the skin, offers more of a drying effect than a moisturizing one. Winter weather dries out your skin enough! Creams, on the other hand, contain a higher oil concentration, so they feel richer on the skin. This richness locks in the moisture already found in your face and hands while also adding to it! When choosing a face/body cream, pick the ones with a powerful plant-rich formula known for their gentleness and effectiveness. Not sure which one to choose? Try Puriya’s Mother of All Creams for a smoothness you didn’t know was achievable in December.



Another way to banish rough, dry skin this winter is to avoid synthetic products. We all love smelling yummy, but the truth is, most hand soaps, lotions, body washes and the like come laced with chemicals known to promote dry skin. Just because you want to smell like gingerbread, doesn’t mean your skin has to look crumbly, too! Be kind to your skin by selecting natural products; you’ll find benefits in not only the healing properties of the ingredients but also in the reduction of fake scents.



woman applying moisturizer on her face

Just climbed out of the shower? Finished scrubbing the dishes? Done washing your hands? Make sure you reach for that moisturizer right afterward. Especially when it comes to dish detergents made with harsh, grease-cutting chemicals, you’ll want to combat it quickly with a strong moisturizer. Keep a bottle or jar next to the soap on the sink and you won’t have to think twice when it comes to getting an upper hand on dryness.



Exfoliating might not seem a part of a moisturizing routine, but it actually removes the layers of dead skin cells, making room for the new cells to grow. By gently scrubbing away flakes, dead skin cells and the tops layers of dirt, makeup, and excess oil, you’ll be on your way to fresh, healthy skin!



woman wearing a hat and gloves to protect her skin in the winter

Hands are often the first place where dry skin becomes visible. The thin layers of skin on your hands are delicate, so be sure to protect them from biting temperatures by always wearing gloves, especially when you’re outdoors. For an added boost in protection, apply a moisturizer to your hands before slipping on your gloves.

Tip: Choose gloves made of cotton to allow your skin to breathe, and avoid choosing gloves made of rough, irritating materials.



Did you know that the air around you might carry harsh pollutants, potentially damaging to the skin? Did you know you can actually influence the quality of the air in your home? There’s an easy answer to your in-home dry air concerns: a humidifier! It keeps an ideal level of dampness indoors regardless of the dry winter air, naturally moisturizing your skin without drying out your throat, nose or eyes! Keep the humidifier in your bedroom, so that you can stay hydrated even while you sleep.



Too much exposure to water is the last thing you need this winter. Even though steaming in a toasty bath is lovely when the air is cold, it is not the best choice for your skin. However, that doesn’t mean you have to cut out baths entirely. Instead, make baths a once-a-week activity, and be sure to follow it up with head-to-toe moisturization.



And when taking that toasty bath or shower, make sure you use lukewarm water. Steaming, hot water will only cause skin irritation and dryness to the face and body. The right temperature will help your skin glow naturally, banishing dry skin cells without over-drying. Don’t give your skin one more reason to dry out; instead, let it feel the love with gentle water.



woman staying hydrated in the winter by drinking enough water
Wait, didn’t we just say that water isn’t good for your skin during winter? We did, but that statement comes with a caveat — water is great for your skin so long as you’re using it to hydrate from the inside out. Drinking the right amount of water every day doesn’t just give you energy while flushing out impurities and toxins; it also serves as the best way to give dry skin a glow — especially if you toss in some yummy infusers, such as lemon or cucumber. Get in that daily quota of water and drink your way to healthy, luminous skin!

Don’t fear the winter anymore. Stay on top of hydrating your skin with any or all of these methods to have beautiful, luminous skin all winter long. Drink tons of water every day to hydrate from the inside out. Plug in that dehumidifier to hydrate as you sleep and breathe easily. And for that moisturizer you keep by your sink, try Mother of All Creams by Puriya to be assured of a gentle, strong solution to itchy skin. Make the effort and defend your skin against dry, wintery weather!

Take a look at this short video for six skin care tips from dermatologists for dry, winter skin, or read the full article, written by Julia Brucculieri.

Prep yourself this winter by being informed. Try the skin care tips above and help yourself achieve a moisturized, glowing skin in no time. Stay warm and cozy!

How do you avoid dry skin during winter? Feel free to share it with us in the comments section below!

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