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Taking back your skincare: Stop calling it a “routine”.

woman looking at her radiant skin in the mirror

Habits, routines, rituals: seemingly interchangeable words dominate each newly suggested remedy. We typically associate the word “habit” with an action performed without thinking. These habits include everyday activities, like looking both ways before crossing the street or brushing your teeth in the morning. Similarly, routines define actions regularly penciled into our already busy schedules. You might consider making coffee before showering, grocery shopping on Fridays or checking email as soon as you sit down in the office.

When you draw the line between habits, routines and the like, where do rituals fall? Rituals define a different group of activities altogether, a deeper action typically reserved for religious, spiritual or personal importance. Even when there’s no religious connection, rituals are performed with intentionality in mind, a prescribed rite accomplished in a specific manner, for a specific purpose.

Done correctly, we consider skincare a ritual as well.

What will your skin look like when your skincare becomes a ritual?

What’s your level?

It’s important to start viewing your skincare routine as more than a routine undertaking. It takes a little over two months before actions become habits, so start simple. If your daily goal is post-shower moisturizing, it’s going to take a little bit of time to make it second nature. Wherever you’re at in your skincare goals, start slowly converting your habits into intentional rituals and you’re going to see positive change.

A Woman Looking at Her Beautiful Face After Her Daily Skincare Routine

If you already have a dependable skincare routine, great! Similar to other commendable habits like drinking water, washing your hands getting enough sleep, a go-to skincare routine deserves recognition. A ritual, even more so than a routine, exploits intentionality – the reason behind the action. If you’re already cleansing and moisturizing daily, consider it the perfect springboard to turning something you do into something that helps define who you are.

Ok, we’ve got it. Now what?

There seem to be a million skincare routines already crowding the market, all defined by different origins, ingredients and steps. Ever heard of the Korean Ten-Step Skincare Routine? How about the Core Four? In carrying over the foundational elements of these successful skincare routines and others, you’re well on your way toward a deeper, more self-aware skin ritual.

A ritual is as simple as mindset, as intentionality, as environment. Let’s start with step one: mindset.


a woman applying moisturizer to her face

If you view the skincare game as a chore, perhaps something you have to do before work or something you force yourself into before bedtime, it’s always just going to be that: an unpleasant task with unpleasant results. Here’s the good news: changing your mindset can have serious implications on the results. Why? Because with intentionality, you’ll see results and a version of your skin which soap and water alone cannot achieve. It will require a little research on your part, as every one of us has different skin needs. But the first step in adjusting your mindset is finding products your skin needs and likes.

Test different cleansers, whether oil-based or water-based, to find the most effective for your skin and wellbeing. Consider our scalp-clarifying shampoo or conditioner to help soothe residual dry skin. Do you wear a moderate amount of makeup, or work in an environment where your skin is exposed to dust, grime or pollutants? Maybe the double-cleanse method is for you, to clean out those pores. Do you live where the temperatures plummet in the winter and skyrocket in the summer? Ultra-thick moisturizer might be what you need to combat dry skin. Battling acne? Ingredients such as niacinamide, witch hazel and healthy acids might become your new best friend.

Not sure what your skin needs to thrive? Let us suggest a few ingredients to prioritize.

Once you determine what your skin needs, you’ll be able to intentionally prescribe the ideal solution. what your skin needs are will allow you to select the best products for you. It’s not long before you’ll see the beneficial effects of natural ingredients on willing skin! You’ll find yourself wanting to satisfy thirsty skin, banish acne and smooth out your contour.


Now that you’ve adjusted your mindset on the usefulness of ritualistic skincare, it’s time to talk about intentionality. In a world where there exists a cream, ointment, serum or cleanser for every skin condition known to man, you not only have to be intentional in finding the best ones for you, but you have to commit to being intentional in your usage of these remedies. To create a ritual of your skincare routine, it’s best to be intentional with the time you set aside for it. Perhaps in the morning you choose to characterize your ritual with a cleanse, moisturizer and a brightening serum or two? Maybe you include a facial mister to wake up tired skin or an under-eye cream to look alive? Whatever you need, stick to it! Be intentional with your order of application, and reserve the same block of time each morning specifically for your skin. A skincare habit quickly becomes a skincare ritual!


a woman looking at all of her daily skincare products

For those of you who want to travel a step further, turning good skincare habits into rituals can be enjoyable if you have a particular place where you 1) keep all your products and 2) use them! Maybe it’s convenient and simple to house skincare products in your bathroom, with easy shower access. Maybe you integrate your skincare ritual into a feel-good regimen, with mood lighting and a comfy chair in your bedroom. Maybe you like to listen to music or light a candle to complete the atmosphere. Whatever you enjoy, whatever you need to transform your routine into your ritual, make it happen! Once you make the process enjoyable, something to look forward to, you’ll find yourself wanting to put in the time each day.

From habit to ritual

No matter where you are on the timeline of habit to routine to ritual, the right products can make all the difference. Maybe you don’t even know where to start when it comes to looking for natural skincare products. If you’re in the market for a healthy, effective moisturizer to use after you cleanse, Puriya’s Mother of All Creams is the industry’s first choice. It has over 300,000 households worldwide satisfied with its plant-based formula and intensive, lasting hydration.

No matter where you find yourself in the skincare process, there’s no right or wrong way to prioritize the skin. As long as you set aside the time each day to be intentional and honest with your skin and with yourself, you can’t go wrong. Transform your skincare routine into a ritual, and watch your life follow suit!

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