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We understand. We’re in with you. We know it isn’t easy right now…

That you’re trying to find your “new normal”…

You’re probably getting cabin fever…

And also feeling a little confused on exactly what to do to stay healthy right now.

The more information there is available, the more confusing it can be to know what is actually beneficial to your health.

That is exactly why we are releasing Dr. Michele’s secrets to lasting health and a strong immune system now…

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This 21-day immune boosting program has already helped thousands of Dr. Michele’s patients feel better, think clearer, have more energy, and get sick less.

this protocol is perfect for those who...

  • Are craving real, evidence-based information on nutrition and vitamins & supplements, what to take and what to avoid.

  • Want to improve themselves during their self-quarantine time and have fun doing it.

  • Are feeling ready to dive in and learn more about the mind-body connection and finally have the time to actually do it.

  • Are desiring connection and want to expand their network of like-minded people during this virtual health journey.

you will get...

  • Daily rituals delivered daily for 21 days

  • Action items to feel better each day

  • A step-by-step process to restore immunity

  • Tips on how to spot underlying imbalances

  • Sacred self-care presriptions

  • Access to our private Facebook group to collaborate with like-minded people

this guide includes...

  • How to cleanse your body and environment of hidden toxins that can threaten your immunity every day without you even knowing it.

  • Exactly what to eat, what supplements to take, when you need them and when you don't, all for the purpose of supporting a reinforced immune system.

  • Holistic morning and nighttime rituals to improve your sleep, skin and overall health, while staving off cold and flu symptoms.

  • Exercise rituals worth integrating into your diary or weekly routine.

  • Tips for integrating nature into your everyday life, to defend the immune system, combat stress, better your mood and improve mental health.




Dr. Michele Burklund, well you can call her Dr. Michele, created this immune boosting protocol just for you!

She believes true wellness comes from a holistic approach that fuses cutting-edge science with natural health and you will see this philosophy throughout her 21-day protocol.

Dr. Michele is considered a leading authority in health and has given speeches at prominent universities, written for many national magazines, and is regularly featured on TV and radio for her expertise in integrative medicine.

Dr. Michele earned her medical degree from the prestigious Bastyr University and obtained her bachelor’s degree from Seattle University.

Dr. Michele has over completed over 14 years of university studies and has sought additional academic and clinical training in nutritional biochemistry, medical detoxification, immunology, botanical pharmacognosy, endocrinology, and neurology.

As a naturopathic medical doctor, she believes in science-based medicine that addresses the root cause of illnesses through an integrative approach.

She views the practice of medicine as both an art and science and has also traveled the globe to acquire more knowledge from many different healers, including Mayan shamans, doctors in China, “bush” doctors and herbalists in Central America, and highly acclaimed physicians in the States and throughout Europe.

Dr. Michele’s role at Puriya is focused on medical research, product development, and formulation as well as education and writing.

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